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Keep Fit (SALx2+GAS)

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Salubry+Gastility Natural Supplements to Lose Weight

Obesity may be due to some causes connected with metabolism, endocrine disorders and even habitual constipation.  Anyhow, Salubry is the best choice for such subhealthy people, who yearn for agility and general improvement of health. Gastility can be taken for a certain period of time with Salubry for better effect.
It is appropriate for all people worried by obesity, or puffiness, to take notice of a natural health-care product which is suitable for administration to every one of them. 

The Salubry has been designed through research in a celebrated prescription which originated in the Imperial Court of the Qing Dynasty.  Great numbers of doses prepared according to the original prescription were proffered not only to successive Emperors and Empresses and members of the royal family but also to generals and officials of the Dynasty and were given high favor by them continually for many years without interruption.  The modern prescription is composed of 13 medicinals, among which are round cardamom, agalloch eaglewood, rhizome of Chinese atractylodes, dried tangerine peel, bark of official magnolia, hawthorn, unripe fruit of citron, banksia rose, etc.  Their purposes are to cure spleen and stomach debility,  make the network channels and collaterals free for passage, suppress evil forces in the body and foster the factors conducive to healthiness, clear away the overnight food wastes, resolve phlegm-stasis, propel what stagnates in the intestines and eradicate the feeling of a bloated stomach. In other words, administration of this drug can promote digestion, absorption and transmission of food in the body, reinforce metabolism, dispose of superfluous adipose, strengthen vitality, increase people’s desire to eat, and make them healthier and stronger.
From a TCM professional angle:
Salubry: It promotes the functions of digestion, absorption and chemical transformation by spleen and stomach.
Gastility: It promotes excretion and evacuation, expelling toxicants from the body.
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1.Do more exercises:
It was found out that not exercising for even just a week weakens our muscles significantly. In fact, if you do not exercise for a month, you will lose almost 50% of your original muscle strength. Some people may not even notice their atrophied muscles because of the fatty buildup in their body.
 2.Avoid processed grains and sugars
Instead, eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to maximize your nutritional intake.   Instead of eliminating carbs completely from your diet, simply ban those that increase the size of your waistline.
 3.Drink 4-5 cups of green tea per day
Green tea reduces your “bad” cholesterol count, while enhancing your “good” cholesterol count. As a result, those who drink green tea can substantially increase their consumption of high cholesterol food, yet maintain a relatively low bad cholesterol count. Green tea can also decrease your blood sugar, protecting you against diabetes or at least reducing symptoms of diabetes.

Please click the link to read full article about:

Lose Weight Diet in Chinese Medical Theory

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